Bannerman responds to COVID-19 oxygen crisis

The Bannerman team in Namibia has been out on the road again this year in support of our Early Learner Assistance (ELA) program. This year due to the ongoing COVID situation and changes in lockdowns, we were back in the Erongo region (our host community) of Namibia.

So far this year we have supported another 300 primary school students across 7 schools, with school uniforms, backpacks and shoes. This takes us to a total of 3,300 learners supported since the programs inception in 2011. Along with school supplies, this year we also supplied each of the 7 schools with COVID-19 essentials i.e. masks, sanitiser & sanitiser wipes.

Below is a short video with highlights from our ELA program 2021. 

In the first two weeks of July Namibia exceeded 100,000 cumulative COVID-19 cases. Tragically, more than 2,000 deaths have been recorded averaging between 20 and 30 deaths a day. The rate of transmission and positivity ratio is high and if left unabated could become unmanageable. The President of Namibia on Thursday 15th July urged the public to prevent unnecessary movement and to stay at home.

The private sector coalition led by the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry is particularly focusing on oxygen supply, facilities, equipment and other critical medical supplies. Close to N$ 20 million have been donated to promote awareness of adherence to Covid-19 regulations in the business community, as well as mobilise private sector resources to save lives. Bannerman is one of many Chamber of Mines members that have contributed to this initiative.

In the Erongo Region, hospitals were unable to cope with the number of patients with the sick waiting in their vehicles outside the hospital hoping that a bed may become available. The Swakopmund Regional Councillor Ms. Ciske Smith-Howard mobilised a team to convert the Townhall into a ‘make-shift’ hospital initially providing an additional 15 beds with oxygenators and other medical equipment. Bannerman has supported this with a donation to fund 3 oxygenators and other vital equipment.

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