Bannerman’s 10 Most Watched Videos

Bannerman’s 10 Most Watched Videos

We have looked back over all the videos we have featured in over the years and are pleased to bring you the TOP 10 most viewed videos!

"Uranium Investors Need to Understand the Macro Thesis Before Investing" - 18 January 2020

Bannerman CEO, Brandon Munro sat down with Crux Investor to speak about the macro thesis of uranium.

Watch nowNumber 10 with 10,099 views

"Large Scale, Robust Economics & Near Production" - 3 February 2022

Matthew Gordon from Crux Investor spoke to Bannerman Energy, CEO, Brandon Munro, to discuss the company’s flagship project, the uranium market and the company’s plans going forward.

Watch nowNumber 9 with 10,180 views

"Uranium Bull Market Won't be the Same as 2007" - 24 August 2021

Brandon Munro, CEO of Bannerman Energy, spoke with Antonio Atanasov from Resource Talks about the uranium bull market now compared to 2007.

Watch nowNumber 8 with 10,306 views

"African Uranium Juniors Most Investible" - 6 March 2022

Matthew Gordon of Crux Investor interviewed Bannerman Energy CEO, Brandon Munro to speak about investing in uranium mining in Africa.

Watch nowNumber 7 with 10,707 views

"Top 10 Producer is Realistic Target" - 6 August 2021

Brandon Munro, CEO of Bannerman Energy, spoke with Matthew Gordon from Crux Investor to speak about Bannerman's Etango-8 project in Namibia.

Watch nowNumber 6 with 11,417 views

"The Spark Uranium Needed to Set It Alight" - 25 September 2021

Tom from Palisades Gold Radio welcomed Brandon Munro, CEO of Bannerman Energy to discuss the increasing activity in the uranium space.

Watch nowNumber 5 with 12,634 views

"Uranium Investors to Benefit From Global Energy Crisis" - 1 July 2022

Bannerman Energy joined Lotus Resources Ltd, Deep Yellow Ltd on a panel with Crux Investor, to discuss why uranium investors will benefit from the global energy price.

Watch nowNumber 4 with 16,958 views

"What Nobody Knows About Investing In Uranium" - 8 March 2021

Brandon Munro, CEO Bannerman Energy sat down with Jake Ducey to discuss investing in Uranium, the cold hard data that most people do not know about, and how China's Uranium demand could send the price soaring

Watch nowNumber 3 with 33,806 views

'Investing in Uranium: A Beginners Guide' - 2 May 2022

Bannerman Energy CEO, Brandon Munro joined a panel discussion with Crux Investor discussing the basics of uranium investing.

Watch nowNumber 2 with 44,169 views

"Here's Why ESG Genuinely Matters to Investors" - 18 March 2022

Bannerman Energy joins Crux Investor to discuss the topic of ESG. How we view ESG, its wider connotations and why it should matter to investors.

Watch nowNumber 1 with 45,106 views

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