Bannerman’s Early Learner Assistance program for 2022 heads to Gam Primary School

Bannerman’s Early Learner Assistance program for 2022 heads to Gam Primary School

On 23 May 2022, we impacted the lives of another 300 children through our Early Learner Assistance program.

Team members from the Bannerman Resources office in Namibia, hit the road on 22 May travelling 1000kms from Swakopmund to Gam Primary School in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia, which is roughly 10 kms from the Botswana border. The trip was broken into 2 days – the first day took the team to Harnas Wildlife Foundation where they were accommodated, before the 360km drive on mostly dusty gravel roads to Gam.

Learners from an impoverished settlement, which was initially created to host Namibian war returnees from Botswana, received personalised uniforms, shoes and school bags. This year we also provided the school with 5 fruit trees to help sustain them. 

This was the 12th annual donation through our Early Learner Assistance (ELA) program

Visiting the region of Otjozondjupa meant that we were able to widen the national footprint of our ELA program, having now reached 6 different regions of Namibia. 5 being outside of our host community of the Erongo region.

We believe in supporting the young learners of Namibia – by providing them with the essentials we are encouraging them to take their education seriously, become productive citizens of the country, and contribute to a better Namibian future. This hope is for every Namibian child regardless of background or geographical location.

Gam Combined School will take care of the fruit trees until Spring when it is the optimum time to plant them. We look forward to not only seeing the trees grow in the future but also each of the children in their education.

For more information on our approach to Sustainability visit our web page here.

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