What do we stand for?

Every year Etango-8 will deliver

3.5 Mlbs U3O8

Enough uranium to power 7-8 large nuclear reactors.

25 million tonnes

The equivalent amount of coal that our production displaces.

64 million tonnes

Carbon emissions avoided from nuclear power using our uranium (if displacing coal-fired power)

760 Namibian jobs

760 well paid direct jobs and a multiplier effect of up to 5,000 indirect jobs.

Uranium mining’s contribution to the sustainable development goals

Nuclear energy and technology contributes to all of the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The mining industry generally has the potential and opportunity to contribute to all 17 SDGs, but uranium mining in Africa can promote the following SDGs in particular:

SDG1 Poverty Eradication and SDG2 Zero Hunger

Direct and indirect employment, where uranium mining provides highly paid jobs that have a multiplier effect in the local community.

No Poverty

Zero Hunger

SDG3 Good Health and Well Being

Medical and radiation monitoring of employees and communities promotes greater medical awareness, particularly where medical facilities are not generally available.

Good Health and Well-Being

SDG4 Quality Education and SDG8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Uranium mining and associated government and private capability development provides opportunities for highly skilled development and employment. Uranium mining is a sophisticated enterprise that creates a significant number of well-paid jobs, high levels of workplace training and regular vocational health assessments.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

Nuclear Fuel Resources for Sustainable Development

Use of Nuclear Fuel Resources for Sustainable Development – Entry Pathways

Source: Application of the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources and the United Nations Resource Management System: Use of Nuclear Fuel Resources for Sustainable Development – Entry Pathways

ESG Leadership in the Uranium Sector

Environmental Leadership

“We found that Bannerman sets the highest environmental standards for all aspects of their operation. We applaud Bannerman for its openness and for setting an example.”
Namibian Chamber of Environment

Community Leadership

Since its launch in 2010, our flagship Learner Assistance Programme has assisted more than 3,000 under-privileged Namibian children to make the most of their education.

Industry Leadership

We are committed to making a difference at local, national and global levels. Bannerman management play key roles in World Nuclear Association, Namibian Chamber of Mines and the Namibian Uranium Association.

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