Hospitality Association of Namibia Congress 2022

Hospitality Association of Namibia Congress 2022

The Hospitality Association of Namibia, Congress 2022 took place on 18 February 2022 in the ruins of the old diamond mining town, Kolmanskop near Lüderitz in the south of Namibia.

A little bit of history on the town of Lüderitz – The German railway supervisor, Mr. August Stauch, asked his workers (mostly coloured people from the Norther Cape in South Africa) to look out for any stones that may look interesting. One of the workers Mr. Zacharias Lawala picked up a glittering stone which was later found out to be the first diamond and then the diamond rush began.

Town of Lüderitz

The town of Kolmanskop was the ‘mining town’ during this diamond rush. Once the diamonds were mined near the area and bigger fields were discovered 100km south, the town of Kolmanskop became a ‘ghost town’. It is now a tourist attraction and part of a newly declared national park called Tsau Khaeb (meaning – ‘’soft sand’’ in the local Nama language). The area was a restricted area (in German – Sperrgebiet) for over 100 years and is now open for tourism – guided tours only; not self drive tourists.

Our Managing Director in country, Werner Ewald attended and spoke to attendees about unlocking new horizons in the nuclear industry but also unlocking new horizons with Bannerman’s relationship with the tourism sector.

Below are a few photos from the event….
Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN)

The Hospitality Association of Namibia has since its inception in 1987, grown from an initial 16 members to a total of close to 400 members.

H·A·N represents the full spectrum of the hospitality industry, from hotels, to guest houses, guest farms, lodges, rest camps, restaurants, conference centers and catering services.

Over the years, more and more tourism and hospitality related businesses also joined the Hospitality Association, making H·A·N a true umbrella-body and an important factor in the tourism & hospitality industry of Namibia in general.

Find out more about HAN here:

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